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 sacré rosenham - la psychiatrie et ses malades imaginaires

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Date d'inscription : 15/11/2006

MessageSujet: sacré rosenham - la psychiatrie et ses malades imaginaires   Dim 17 Déc - 21:18

je traduirai un autre jour


The most famous exposure of the inexpertise of the professional psychiatrist was by Rosenham who sent eight volunteers into mental hospitals claiming that they "heard voices". Apart from maintaining these limited fake symptoms, they behaved normally and even made notes of their experiences. 11 were admitted as "schizophrenic" and discharged as "schizophrenia in remission". The 12th was admitted and discharged as "manic depressive psychotic".

Whilst the experts completely failed to see through their charade, the other inmates had strong suspicions for they were behaving so normally. Indeed, about one third of the other patients suggested this, even that they were journalists investigating the hospital!

The follow up is even more interesting. One hospital claimed that it would have spotted the fakes. So Rosenham warned them that he would be sending one or more fake patients to them in the next three months. Out of 193 patients admitted in this period, 83 were labelled as fakes or suspicious by various members of the staff. Rosenham then revealed that he had sent NO FAKE PATIENTS TO THE HOSPITAL AT ALL! He concluded "We now know that we cannot distinguish insanity from sanity."

ARE PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS "ILL"? Although there may be some dispute about an organic cause of some mental conditions, generally there is no reference to this for the vast majority of behaviour problems that are dealt with by psychiatrists. Whilst many cases can be alleviated by drugs, rarely do they actually cure the situation, and indeed their side effects can be devastating in their disruption of the social life of the patient. There was going to be a massive court case over the use of tranquillisers, but this was subverted by 'legal' means and government withdrawal of funds from Tranx and possibly other organisations that could have provided much evidence in a court case of the devastating and long term effects of tranquillisers on people.

There are several writers who make the controversial claim that those who are classed as mentally ill are not ill in any way similar to true medical cases of illness where the cause can be traced to an organic or chemical imperfection. They strongly insist that it is quite wrong to use this misleading word from the medical profession where organic problems can be diagnosed and apply it in a non-organic situation.

Thomas Szaz, one of the most forthright in his criticisms of the profession, in his "The Myth of Mental Illness" said "It is customary to define psychiatry as a medical speciality concerned with the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. This is a worthless and misleading definition. Mental illness is a myth."

il me fait rire le rosenham
il a fait trembler les psychiatres en les menaçant de leur envoyer encore davantage de malades imaginaires

cela m'amuse
mort de rire
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sacré rosenham - la psychiatrie et ses malades imaginaires
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